I’m back in Meru

I’m back in Meru (ps don’t ask me the reason for my frequent visits…..jijazie).
Meru is the place of speeding Probox and double-cabin pickups ferrying the ‘green gold’ that is veve and also the town where someone could be having tea at 8am, while another would be nursing a bottle of beer for breakfast! This is a patriarchal society that brooks no nonsense and is one of the best places to fish for the future mother of your children since the Meru girl will hardly bolt from her matrimonial home ovyo ovyo unlike her other Bantu counterparts whom we won’t mention (for fear of reprisal). This should be enough reason for a murume to want to visit Meru. As for my girls, come see how Meru women are thriving in banana selling business desipte the “Haki ya Mungu, nita kukata!” phrase being thrown left right and center.
Nairobians be warned – there is no hurrying Murumes, hurrying them is inciting kukosana. “Wee mboss, usituharakishe. Ala? Ama utaingia jikoni ujipikie,” is the response you are likely to get, say, in a hotel.
After all said and written, for both business and leisure, Tembea Meru. Tembea Three Steers Hotel Makutano.  Three Steers Hotel – The Premier Conference Hotel In Meru County.   Karibu Kwetu!!!

I like to suggest that where we are missing or do not have proper images, please feel free to use google ones.  I did not share the link with the group cause I needed us to correct the most obvious then share after for their opinion.